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The greatest performers in the world master skills that enable them to demonstrate focus, poise,
and cut through the noise.

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Find Your Voice is a professional training organisation.
We specialise in Voice and Performance Coaching.

Who We Are

All Find Your Voice staff are or have been professional performers internationally at a high standard as well as having further advanced training in physiology and psychology. The skills used as professional performers are transferable to the performances we give in everyday life. We will train you to give your best performance, every time.

How We Coach

Our coaching optimises the relationship between the mind, the body and our creativity as human beings.

We coach with an emphasis on empathy, compassion, and patience.

Empathy allows our coaches to engage with clients in a meaningful and honest way that creates a pathway to learning that would not be possible without a deeper understanding of each other.

Insightful critique of work when coupled with the guidance of a skilled, knowledgeable and supportive coach yields consistent and lasting growth.

In addition to extensive study we have worked in the field. We will offer you support through the learning process and know the challenges you experience, because we have been there.

We are strongly influenced by positive psychology. Our style of coaching focuses on growth and solutions.

We coach with the intention that you will feel ownership of your skills and achievements, thus building confidence in your abilities.
Vocal Coaching Details

Pitch. Pace. Volume. Tone. Speaking or singing, strong performances have these in common. Master them all.

Research shows that singing builds your confidence and impacts your physical wellbeing. We use singing lessons as an optional resource to train your voice.

Performance Coaching Details

Emotional intelligence, mental agility, and resilience. Learn to use them in synergy and balance. Through Voice and Performance Coaching you will gain:

• A clearer understanding of how to use your voice

• The skills to influence and impact the world around you

• Understanding of your vocal instrument and its mechanisms

• Assurance that you can have the voice you want to have

• Guidance how to modulate the quality of your vocal tone

• The ability to maximise your presence

Courses Details

This course introduces you to these skills that elite performers develop and use every day from athletes to academics, singers to surgeons.

By doing the exercises in each module you can develop:

  • Mental strength
  • Stability
  • Agility to perform at your peak every time
  • Confidence to influence your audience
Executive Coaching Details

Find Your Voice Executive Coaching trains clients in key skills for performing in high stakes and pressured situations.

Coaching empowers you to develop and discover your strengths, to perform consistently at your best.


“Emmanuella Grace's intensive technique transforms the voice. Her physical approach demands focus and discipline, resulting in powerful change. I highly recommend her to anyone serious in the business to beginners who are looking for a release. She's the best.”

Claire Khodara (Previously Claire Fuller)

American Idol Finalist


"Emmanuella took thirty seconds to understand my vocal needs when I have been trying for years to work them out for myself. Even in one session, I was given a new direction in my vocal training that has improved my mental and physical approaches to using my voice. In the past, I've been taught in various singing styles but only now am I singing the way I want in any style. A singing teacher can teach you how to sing a note. Emmanuella can teach you how to sing your note."

Simon Taylor

Award-Winning Comedian, TV Host, Writer (USA, Australia)

find your voice sasha lian testimonial

"I can't believe how much I have learned within the space of 5 lessons with Find Your Voice. I am so grateful and inspired by my teachers and have already seen the difference with my voice and training. Not only have I learned about the voice itself, but also about confidence and communication when it comes to auditions and performances in general. I am excited to continue my lessons and improve my techniques and training for future experiences/ jobs in the performing arts industry. Thank you so much Find Your Voice, I would highly recommend you to my colleagues and friends."

Sasha Lian

Professional Dancer (The Bodyguard, Australian cast)

find your voice robbie mcalpine testimonial

"I began my vocal coaching at Find Your Voice with Emmanuella when I first starting singing two years ago. Her knowledge of vocal and performance techniques has helped me grow not only as a performer, but personally as well. I have gone from being too shy to sing in front of anyone, to singing in front of hundreds of people and winning competitions. I feel so lucky to have worked with Emmanuella and would recommend her to any performer at any level."

Robbie McAlpine

Award-Winning Singer

find your voice robert wood testimonial

"Find Your Voice has helped me tremendously. I found their services rewarding, professional, helpful, attentive and perfect for what I needed. It has made me a more confident speaker and I cannot recommend them highly enough for all kinds of professions."

Robert Wood


Nelfio edit

"My sessions with Find Your Voice have been invaluable and completely worthwhile. Their vocal expertise instilled in me new and beneficial techniques and fruitful approaches to vocal production. Their experienced and nuanced approach to performance and creating a story through vocal choices and movement really helped me interpret the lyrics and the musical progression. The team at Find Your Voice have given me a new outlook and a strong sense of confidence in my abilities. I'm even looking forward to my upcoming audition."

Nelfio Di Marco, M.D

Paediatrician, Award-Winning Singer

Sharon Pollard

"As public speaking is becoming increasingly important to my career, I have been working with Find Your Voice and particularly Emmanuella for about three months focusing on improving this...[who] has helped me move away from 'startled rabbit in headlights' to being aware of my pace and vocal range and how to control them."

Sharon Pollard

Manager Of Operations

find your voice stewart reeve testimonial

"Emmanuella is a highly educated and up to date vocal coach. I have spent the last two years learning techniques from her which I use on a daily basis as a professional performer. You will learn both the physical and mental approach to healthy singing. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Stewart Reeve

Singer, Actor, & Entertainer (international)

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