Looking after your voice

  I recently teamed up with Australian Musician to shoot some video tutorials on vocal care and technique. This tutorial offers a few tips on how to look after your voice. Your body is your instrument and your voice is the sound it makes. You would never dint a trumpet or crack a guitar and wonder why the instrument [...]

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Is perfectionism stopping your progress?

This week I was lucky enough to attend a number of Business Chicks events here in Melbourne. The first was an intimate dinner with a group of Melbourne based Business Women in fields ranging from Finance to Photography. The second was a lunch and lecture with deep thinking man of action, Sir Bob Geldof and finally [...]

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Tips for touring self-care with NATURALLY 7

Last Friday I had the honor to meet and see perform Naturally 7 at Hamer Hall on the Melbourne leg of their tour with World Vision. Here is a link to the original review for Australian Musician: Review  of Naturally 7 Melbourne Gig at Hamer Hall I was so impressed by how well the group meshed [...]

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Can everyone sing?

As a voice coach and singing teacher the question that I am asked the most is: “Can everyone sing?” My answer is a resounding yes! Singing is simply the playing of an instrument located within the body. If all the required parts are working, you can sing and even then I have taught some inspiring students that despite [...]

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