Bustle: Signs you give off negative energy

Article by Carolyn Steber - Bustle. "If it seems like a dark cloud follows wherever you go, take a minute to reassess your vibes. "Pessimistic people seem to have all the 'bad luck,'" Emmanuella Grace, a voice coach and performance expert, tells Bustle. "If you are pessimistic ... you are more likely to be 'unlucky' or find [...]

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Business Business Business: 3 ways to make fear your friend

Article by Emmanuella Grace "Fear serves an important role in our lives, it stops us from stepping in front of buses or elephants and making bad life decisions or getting ill-advised tattoos, but we need to keep our fear in perspective. Fear need not be insurmountable, a blocker, the end of the line. If we [...]

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First Time Facilitator: Losing your voice when delivering a workshop? You’re doing it wrong with Emmanuella Grace (Episode 11)

Podcast by Leanne Hughes "In this First Time Facilitator episode, Emmanuella Grace from Find Your Voice Australia explains what your voice is telling people.  After running full-day workshops, she shares her ideas on preventing voice loss, and the fundamental things you can do to look after your voice. We explore longer-term approaches to creating stronger voice [...]

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