Our Story

Who We Are

All Find Your Voice staff are or have been professional performers internationally at a high standard as well as having further advanced training in physiology and psychology. The skills used as professional performers are transferable to the performances we give in everyday life. We will train you to give your best performance, every time.

How We Coach

Our coaching optimises the relationship between the mind, the body and our creativity as human beings.

We coach with an emphasis on empathy, compassion, and patience.

Empathy allows our coaches to engage with clients in a meaningful and honest way that creates a pathway to learning that would not be possible without a deeper understanding of each other.

Insightful critique of work when coupled with the guidance of a skilled, knowledgeable and supportive coach yields consistent and lasting growth.

In addition to extensive study, we have worked in the field. We will offer you support through the learning process and know the challenges you experience because we have been there.

We are strongly influenced by positive psychology. Our style of coaching focuses on growth and solutions. We coach with the intention that you will feel ownership of your skills and achievements, thus building confidence in your abilities.

Principal Coach

With more than two decades of performance and coaching experience, and advanced training in Australia, the UK, Europe, and the USA, Emmanuella Grace has helped 1000’s of people find their voice. Her approach uniquely unifies physiological, psychological and creative elements that combine to create outstanding performances. 

Emmanuella has been engaged as a voice and performance coach and consulting expert across a range of industries with clients performing with power, from the boardroom of Big 4 Banks to international stages and TED talks. Her clients range from leaders of large organisations and high profile individuals to educators, therapists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Strongly influences by positive psychology, Emmanuella’s coaching engages people to thrive in a way that grows their impact within their field and increases their influence. 

Emmanuella’s qualifications include a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (University of New England), Masters in Music Performance Teaching (University of Melbourne), Honors Bachelor of Music (Kingston University, London) and Undergraduate studies in Jazz and Music Theatre (Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium of Music). Emmanuella’s understanding of vocal health and physiology is supported by advanced training in Alexander Technique and Estill Voice Training Level I, II and Advanced Certificate as well as previously serving on the board of the Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH).

Emmanuella has performed both as a soloist and ensemble member at venues including the Sydney Opera House, Hamer Hall and for ABC Radio in Australia and Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican and BBC Radio in the UK. As a composer, her music has been nominated for international awards and featured in film and advertising.