Bustle Article – Signs You Give Off Negative Energy

Our Principal Coach, Emmanuella Grace, was quoted by Carolyn Steber in this great article in Bustle.  "If it seems like a dark cloud follows wherever you go, take a minute to reassess your vibes. "Pessimistic people seem to have all the 'bad luck,'" Emmanuella Grace, a voice coach and performance expert, tells Bustle. "If you are [...]

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Tips for warming up your voice

While you may be familiar with the idea of warming up your voice before vocalising have you ever wondered why it is so important? Have you ever asked what purpose different warm-ups serve? Below is a brief explanation for how and why it is important to warm up vocally along with video I recently shot with Australian [...]

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How To Improve Your Speaking Voice For More Impact

  Check out Episode 124 of Stand Out Get Noticed Podcast by The C Method with Christina Canters interviewing our founder Emmanuella Grace discussing how to improve your speaking voice for more impact! Want to speak with authority, present powerfully, be taken more seriously and make a bigger impact at work or in your business? In [...]

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Find Your Voice in Beat Magazine!

The Find Your Voice is featured in Melbournes iconic Beat Magazine's Education Edition!  "Almost 100 percent of the population have a voice, yet so few people are happy with how they use it. We teach people the tools to be able to play their instrument they way they want to."       Find Your Voice [...]

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The Weekly Review on Find Your Voice Singing Lessons

We are over the moon to receive this lovely review from writer Brendan Bale. Is it any wonder we feel so much joy doing our job when this is how our clients feel after a session? "The hour-long session flies by. I’m ecstatic with my progress by the time I leave. I even catch myself [...]

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ON THE WIRE with Emmanuella Grace

It was so exciting to be interviewed by Warren Davies, The Unbreakable Farmer. His story is so inspiring and discussing resilience with him really reminded me of how we are all so much stronger than we believe that we are. Below is the interview and here is a link to The Unbreakable Farmers Video Blog [...]

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Looking after your voice

  I recently teamed up with Australian Musician to shoot some video tutorials on vocal care and technique. This tutorial offers a few tips on how to look after your voice. Your body is your instrument and your voice is the sound it makes. You would never dint a trumpet or crack a guitar and wonder why the instrument [...]

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