How To Improve Your Speaking Voice For More Impact

  Check out Episode 124 of Stand Out Get Noticed Podcast by The C Method with Christina Canters interviewing our founder Emmanuella Grace discussing how to improve your speaking voice for more impact! Want to speak with authority, present powerfully, be taken more seriously and make a bigger impact at work or in your business? In [...]

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Looking after your voice

  I recently teamed up with Australian Musician to shoot some video tutorials on vocal care and technique. This tutorial offers a few tips on how to look after your voice. Your body is your instrument and your voice is the sound it makes. You would never dint a trumpet or crack a guitar and wonder why the instrument [...]

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Tips for touring self-care with NATURALLY 7

Last Friday I had the honor to meet and see perform Naturally 7 at Hamer Hall on the Melbourne leg of their tour with World Vision. Here is a link to the original review for Australian Musician: Review  of Naturally 7 Melbourne Gig at Hamer Hall I was so impressed by how well the group meshed [...]

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