For The Love Of Podcast: The Psychology of Finding Your Voice

Podcast by Billy Samoa Saleebey As a podcaster, our instrument is our voice. The microphone and RSS feed may amplify our voice, but without our voice, we would not have a podcast.I found today’s guest, Emmanuella Grace, when doing research about the voice. Her insights impressed me so much and I knew she would provide a [...]

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David Staughton: 2020 best speaker coaches, trainers & mentors to develop your professional speaker skills

Article by David Staughton "BEST Speaker Coaches for Voice & Breath – Get A Voice Coach As a speaker your voice is your instrument. If you sound a bit dull or monotone, you can practice sounding more confident & melodic. You can also learn to develop some different voices for your story characters." Read more: [...]

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Innovabuzz: How to speak with confidence and deliver powerful presentations

Podcast by Jürgen Strauss "In this episode, I’m really excited to have on the InnovaBuzz podcast as my guest, Emmanuella Grace, who is the founder of Find Your Voice, a training and professional development organisation of voice and performance experts dedicated to training people from all walks of life to master their voice and give [...]

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The Age: How to tell if someone is either a pathological or a compulsive liar

Article by Gary Nunn "Emmanuella Grace, a voice and body language expert, dispels myths about spotting a liar. "Sometimes liars look down and to the left, or avert eye contact. But a well practised liar may not give off these signals." She says to look out for "micro facial expressions" - but they can occur [...]

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Kiddipedia: 5 tips to teach your children mindfulness from pre to post birth

Article by Emmanuella Grace "Mindfulness is a discipline that enables us to have the head space to respond, thoughtfully, calmly and with dignity. Firstly let’s clear up a few misunderstandings. Mindfulness is not concentrating, but it does help you concentrate. Nor is it meditation, but a meditation practice can integrate with and help build a [...]

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Smart Healthy Women: 3 tips to help you feel body confident

Article by Emmanuella Grace "Our body confidence and self value is borne out of our minds. We can address how we perceive our bodies by first addressing how we speak to ourselves and our mindset. If we accept that the internal mental conflict of how we feel about our body will be a factor we [...]

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Bustle: Signs you give off negative energy

Article by Carolyn Steber - Bustle. "If it seems like a dark cloud follows wherever you go, take a minute to reassess your vibes. "Pessimistic people seem to have all the 'bad luck,'" Emmanuella Grace, a voice coach and performance expert, tells Bustle. "If you are pessimistic ... you are more likely to be 'unlucky' or find [...]

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