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Increase your influence at work. Connect with your loved ones. Feel confidence in social settings. Feel the power of giving engaging and sincere performances in your everyday life.

Join Find Your Voice Founder and Principal Coach, Emmanuella Grace and her coaches to overcome the obstacles that limit your performances.

The Peak Performance Program explores the physiological and psychological elements that influence the performances we give every day, from the bedroom to the boardroom. In a safe and supportive environment, we will explore what it is that is holding you back and help you overcome it!


We will guide you through a series of exercises and conversations so you can:

  • Learn and apply principals of voice and performance training used by professional performers and athletes
  • Move past your performance limitations in a way that you have only ever dreamed of
  • Belong to a supportive community where you can share ideas and resources


Peak Performance Program Outline

The course consists of 5 Modules; Goal Setting, Mindset, Your Equipment, Authority and Communication. 

Goal Setting - Prepare to perform.

Strategising for life-changing performances

To give a strong performance, you need to have a clear intention of what you are aiming to achieve. While the end product may look different from what you set out to create and the road from A to B may not be direct, if ultimately you have a clear intention of where you are heading you can give yourself the freedom to both enjoy the journey, learn and fulfill your most desired goals.

The exercise in this module will help you establish your main priorities and encourage the best methods to achieve them.

It will help you:

• See the big picture

• Efficiently strategise where to invest your time, energy

and attention

• Give you a sense of purpose

• Achieve goals that until now you have only ever dreamed of

Mindset - Flow and thinking like a Pro

Overcoming self defeating thought processes and highjacking the amygdala highjack.

In our mind, we have multiple voices interacting at any given time. You were not born with these thoughts in your head. Somewhere along the line, you acquired them, and they became part of a self-defeating narrative because they hit a nerve once upon a time. Often they have become habitual thoughts that lead to unhelpful behaviours. It’s time to shine a light on these triggers and diffuse them.

Your equipment. Work it 

Practical ways to find your voice, understanding your body and the messages that you are sending. 

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. Your body is the instrument in how you express your thoughts and ideas to the world. Research shows that we evaluate a person based on the first few seconds we engage with them. In person, you are judged based on physical presence, and on the phone, it will be through your voice. Not just what you say but your tone, how you modulate your voice and the subtle messages you convey through your word choices. In this module, we will break down the tools that you use to make a positive and powerful first impression but also maintain that power within yourself on an ongoing basis.

Authority. Get it, keep it, own it

Life-changing strategies that will help you stay cool under pressure.

Professional performers understand the value of taking mental space before acting, even if it’s just for a split second. The difference between reacting and responding is what dictated how happy we are with how we have dealt with a situation. People with genuine authority and confidence respond, not react.

Communicate. Like a leader

A strategy to find the answers no one knew to look for.

Some people when called on to speak, tend to freeze and their mind goes blank. For others, when feeling under pressure, some use a “the wall of sound” strategy where they incessant chatter to mask them buying time or covering for not having the answer while they cast about wildly looking for the right thing to say. When they eventually spit it out, it is so embedded in noise that it may not be taken seriously or could be overlooked.

Here are some strategies to help you gather your thoughts, still your mind and feel secure in voicing your feelings so that you can listen better in the meantime.


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