Article by Emmanuella Grace

“Mindfulness is a discipline that enables us to have the head space to respond, thoughtfully, calmly and with dignity. Firstly let’s clear up a few misunderstandings. Mindfulness is not concentrating, but it does help you concentrate. Nor is it meditation, but a meditation practice can integrate with and help build a mindfulness practice. The key word being practice. Mindfulness is a skill of being self-aware and present in the moment that needs to be honed and the more that you practice it the better you will become at it, and the more naturally you may default to a mindful response than a reaction.

With reacting there is little or no thought process. It is knee-jerk automatic, driven by feelings or ego. Responding on the other hand is thoughtful and deliberate. Many people struggle with learning how to respond. Instead, when under pressure they react, feeling that they have don’t have the time or head space to choose a response. This pressure to react is internal and learned from birth, if not before. So how do we give our children the gift of the calm and head space needed to respond instead of reacting on emotion? Enabling them to feel empowered to say no, express themselves well and speak up when they have something to contribute?”

Read: Kiddipedia Website

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