Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting our lives as Leaders, Creatives and Philosophers and us the hottest topic right now. I had no idea how profoundly it was impacting my daily life as a coach, mum, musician, human! I have  questions.

I am gradually more aware of how AI is impacting the way we speak, our word choices. I am getting wise to noticing messages that utilises AI… Anyone else notice the 3 adjectives to a noun rule?

Sure it helps us sound more articulate, smarter, snappier, but in an intangible way, sometimes less human. Less personable.

I feel less connected when on the receiving end of an AI influenced message. Is AI something that will push us further apart when we are all longing for deeper connection? Or will it help us articulate ourselves and understand each other better? Maybe both depending on the human using it.

Recording a podcast with a AI expert and tech leader Craig Lawton helped unpack some of these questions on how AI will and does affect our lives. This one went deep. Our opposing voices have never been clearer than in this episode.

I am the voice of the newb and Craig the voice of the expert.
Listen to the full episode via links below.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Leaders, Creatives and Philosophers – SAD ROBOT

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