That moment when you look across the room, your eyes connect and you are both thinking the same thing (“Coffee?””Id rather be at the beach” or if its me speaking ”This speaker is awesome!” 😁). Or maybe, I wish I had more Communication Hacks for Leadership, Sales, and Video Calls.

I love those moments of connection. You never know where it will lead. People want to feel connected. I want to feel connected.

Fact: Research shows 1/3 to 1/4 of all Aussies feel lonely. We are missing those random connections.

Those moments spark life into our days. The excitement of possibility, feeling seen, being known.

There are some people I have met who are mind blowing at creating those moments. It is my goal in life to be one of those people too.

Craig Lawton (tech leader and all round good guy) and I discussed how to communicate in a way that helps people connect.
It might even help you feel more seen. Less lonely.

It also might help you perform better at work. But I recon the human bit needs to come first.

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