Being bombarded with tips for weight loss and how to feel good in your body? I resent these posts. They have always made me feel like I’m not doing enough. Or being enough.

This year is different. After 2 kids and a pandemic, I went on a journey that affected me profoundly as a performer. I lost A LOT of weight. After gaining A LOT of weight and feeling hopeless and eventually accepting of myself.

The journey has been on the inside. Its nice that is also shows on the outside. It is in that context that I am sharing what worked for me, and what didn’t.

The main takeaways of that journey have been:

1) Self care really is a journey that has to happen every day, not just the start of the year.

2) I needed to be motivated by something bigger than losing weight or being healthier. For me it was a vision of living a long life and being present and active with my children for as many of their life stages as possible.

3) Having support makes all the difference to the outcome and support can take many forms. For me a large part was finding great resources that were research based and current and having friends that encouraged me.

4) Regular checkins motivated me to stay accountable and on track as improvement (or not) happens by increments and its easy to let things slide.

5) Different things work for different people. Giving myself time and permission to experiment was imperative.

I recorded a conversation getting to the guts of this topic (pun intended) with my podcast buddy Craig Lawton. 
If you would like to hear more, below are links to the Building a Better Geek episode about wellbeing and the hacks that worked for me.

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