Podcast by Billy Samoa Saleebey

As a podcaster, our instrument is our voice.

The microphone and RSS feed may amplify our voice, but without our voice, we would not have a podcast.I found today’s guest, Emmanuella Grace, when doing research about the voice.

Her insights impressed me so much and I knew she would provide a ton of value so I invited her on the show.

As a high-performance voice coach for more than two decades, she’s helped 1000’s of people with their voice. Her program is built on a foundation of science and years of research.What’s crazy to me is how little attention we pay to our voice.

Unless we use our voice professionally we just take it for granted. And even when we use our voice professionally we may take it for granted.

What I love about Emmanuella’s approach is it is holistic. Her insights on the voice will help you master the instrument that only you can play.

Listen here:

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Spotify: http://spoti.fi/38xQPQM

Google: http://bit.ly/3plsEM5

Website: http://bit.ly/37HoesV