Check out Episode 124 of Stand Out Get Noticed Podcast by The C Method with Christina Canters interviewing our founder Emmanuella Grace discussing how to improve your speaking voice for more impact!

Want to speak with authority, present powerfully, be taken more seriously and make a bigger impact at work or in your business? In this podcast, Emmanuella shares powerful lessons and techniques around improving your tone, resonance, and overall speaking voice.

We also discuss:

  • How Find Your Voice grew out of Emmanualla’s desire to prove people wrong!
  • Why we have a stigma around singing in western culture
  • What is ‘resonance’ and how it affects your vocal tone
  • How to sound more stable and authoritative in the boardroom
  • Why you should sing in the shower
  • Why is vocal tone so important and how it can impact your success
  • How to improve your speaking voice
  • How to change up your voice but still sound natural and authentic to you
  • Does your voice align with what your goals are and how you want to be perceived?